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Nagoya University has established the Center for Student Counseling to strengthen its counseling system for Japanese and international students, by providing general consultation as well as mental health and career counseling, and to ensure that students have a rewarding university life.

The problems and issues that arise on a daily basis provide good opportunities for you to think about your life. Most of you would normally resolve a problem by talking to your friends, mentors, academic advisors and family, but it can be difficult to find the time to fully work out a concern or problem from your daily life. At such times, you may want to make use of the Center for Student Counseling.

The Center is a place for students to receive advice and counseling. It is also designed to help you find your own solutions to problems or take the first step in solving problems by verbalizing and organizing your feelings and thoughts through discussions with counseling staff. Counseling provided to resolve an actual problem is also an opportunity for you to reconsider who you are and to make changes in your life.


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Student Consultations

Clinical psychology experts provide advice and counseling about student concerns or problems related to school life, such as classes, future plans, and interpersonal relationships, and help students find their own solutions to problems.

Mental Health Consultations

Psychiatrists help students suffering from psychological problems, such as insomnia, depression, and anxiety. This help may take the form of counseling or medication. Counseling is also provided for academic advisors and parents or guardians on what they can do to guide students.


Career Consultations

In addition to providing job-search advice, career counselors act as sources of information. Career counselors gather information on interviews and tests, and also give practice interviews. Some of the possible topics of discussion include how to interview well, how to complete Entry Sheets, selecting a company, job hunting methods and career concerns. Career seminars are also held as needed.