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*This option is limited to students from universities that have academic exchange agreements with Nagoya University.

Prospective Students 

Established in 1871, Nagoya University is a Comprehensive University with a rich history, with 9 Undergraduate and 14 Graduate Schools currently accepting students. It is highly accomplished as a Research University, as demonstrated by the fact that 6 of the 13 Japanese laureates to receive the Nobel Prize after entering the 21st century were affiliated with Nagoya University. Nagoya University is also making great efforts towards international exchange, and over 10% of Nagoya University's 16,000 students are international students from overseas. Many courses taught in English are being offered to encourage and increase the number of inbound international students. Systems are in place to support international students with their academics as well as daily living, including housing facilities for students who have never visited Japan before, appointing faculty members as International Student Advisors in each School and Graduate School, and a well-established counseling system.



Global 30 International Programs

Since 2011, Nagoya University's flagship departments started offering the "G30 International Programs" which are full-degree programs taught entirely in English.

Through a multi-disciplinary general education curriculum, these programs aim to cultivate ethical leaders who are able to develop innovative solutions through inquiry and analysis, with strong communication skills to be productive members of our global society.


Admissions Information 

Please refer to the following link for information regarding Nagoya University's various Study Abroad Programs, Tuition Fees, and Immigration Procedures.


Study Abroad Programs

 Nagoya University offers a wide variety of programs designed to suit your needs, with various lengths of study, program types, and languages used for instruction.


Housing Facilities for International Students and Researchers

Nagoya University has over 500 rooms available for international students and researchers to stay in. Priority is given to those who have never visited Japan before so that they may all stay in the housing facilities for 6 months to a year. Rooms for married couples or families are also available. Tutors will live alongside you in the housing facilities and provide you with support for daily living.



Nagoya University currently provides video clips and some materials from actual lectures online. Please feel free to experience Nagoya University's lectures through the "Nagoya University Open Course Ware".


English-Taught Courses

Please refer to the following link for descriptions of English-taught courses provided by Nagoya University.


International Education & Exchange Center

The International Education & Exchange Center is composed of 4 departments; the "Department of International Programs", "Department of International Education and Exchange", "Department of Advising and Counseling Services", and "NU Study Abroad", which build upon their own missions to collaborate with each other in conducting duties necessary to promote and enhance Nagoya University's international exchange activities. These departments support all international students by providing advising services for daily living or research, counseling, international exchange programs, and career services. They also oversee inbound exchange students from partner universities.


International Language Center

The International Language Center provides educational services for learning the Japanese language and understanding Japanese culture, as well as conducting the development of curriculums and materials, research and development of educational methods, and development and provision of computer software for Japanese language education. It also provides support to Nagoya University's Japanese students and staff to enhance their English language capabilities.



Links for Prospective International Students by Individual Departments

School/Graduate School of Letters "Admissions"

School/Graduate School of Education "Information for Prospective International Students"

School/Graduate School of Law "Directory"


 School/Graduate School of Economics "International Exchange"


School of Informatics and Sciences/ Graduate School of Information Science "Information for Prospective Privately Financed research Students"

School/Graduate School of Science "Admission"


Graduate School of Medicine "Office of International Affairs"


School/Graduate School of Engineering "Prospective Students"


Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences "Admission Information"


Graduate School of International Development "Application Procedures"

Graduate School of Languages and Cultures "International Student Advising Office"

 Graduate School of Environmental Studies "Prospective Students"


International Student Advisors in the International Education & Exchange Center and Individual Departments:

Nagoya University has appointed faculty members to accept questions and consultations from international students in the International Education & Exchange Center, and International Student Advisors in each Undergraduate and Graduate School's International Student Advising Offices.