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January 17, 2024 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol. 23: Neither drugs nor transplants! Support Net Treatment of Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy is difficult to cure completely at present, and the only options are to alleviate the

January 26, 2023 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol. 22: For Your Healthy Immunity/Dr. Ayaka Ito

Both over- and under-working of the immune system can lead to health problems. Its function is closely related to our da

November 11, 2022 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol. 21: Players are better than AI!? | Informatics explains the cleverness of sports tactics

In the field of sports science, progress is being made in data analysis using IT. However, it is difficult to model the

September 29, 2022 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol.20: No need to Dry! Solving the energy balance problem of biofuel production

Biofuel production from microalgae requires a lot of energy in the process from collection to extraction, and faces a di

August 12, 2022 

IMaSS's Systems Research Division creates comprehensive system technologies from a variety of elemental researches

This video introduces the Systems Research Division of the Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability (IMaSS)

June 27, 2022 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol. 19: The Greatest Mysteries of the Universe: N Lab at Nagoya University searches for new physics with Belle II

The members of the N Lab (High Energy Particle Physics Laboratory, Nagoya University) are promoting one of the most majo

May 13, 2022 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol.18: The signs appear more than 20 years in advance! Discovering who is at risk of dementia

Changes in neurons have already begun in the brain more than 20 years before the onset of dementia. We will introduce re

April 19, 2022 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol.17: The target is epigenome abnormality: Next-gen cancer treatment

The epigenome regulates genetic information in DNA in the process of differentiating from one fertilized egg into variou

April 12, 2022 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol.16: "Nagomi-Zakura," Sake from the local Aichi community for future generations

Nagomi-Zakura is a sake that incorporates the knowledge of Nagoya University into the brewing technique cultivated by th

April 5, 2022 

Dear Students...

Dear Students... This is a letter to you-- Students who are still stuck abroad. We understand how difficult it's been to

March 14, 2022 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol.15: Develop ALS remedies! -Forefront of "Reverse Translational Research"- |Department of Neurology

"From person to mouse," not "from mouse to person." They take on the challenge of the intractable neurological disease A

January 26, 2022 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol.14: A tiny thinker, C. elegans: Mori lab's multidisciplinary approach | Ikue Mori Lab

The C. elegans or nematode, which is only 1 mm in length, has a brain, and shows preferences. In Dr. Ikue Mori's lab at

December 3, 2021 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol.13: Nature-Inspired Innovative Sealing | Professor Hidekazu Yoshida

"Concretion" is a natural time capsule that perfectly seals and preserves fossils for hundreds of millions of years. Che

August 24, 2021 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol.12: Glowing sea life -Unveiling the evolutionary origin-

Why does the sea firefly light up in the dark? Wouldn't that help their predators find and catch them? Research on glowi

July 26, 2021 

Nagoya: A Global Industrial Powerhouse in the Automotive Industry

Nagoya has a long history of manufacturing, and, today, the production of the greater Nagoya area is ranked 20th within

July 15, 2021 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol. 11 Get out and have fun! Science supports safe driving among elderly people

Professor Hirofumi Aoki, a former Toyota engineer, pictures a society where elderly people can go out as they please, li

May 19, 2021 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol. 10: "How easy it is! Welcome to our new analytical platform"

  Dr. Kei Zaitsu, an expert in mass spectrometry who was the analyst for drug-related cases at the Institute of Scientif

April 20, 2021 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol. 9: "Advanced mathematics enables flexibly-behaving machine intelligence"

  Introducing Dr. Naoki Akai, who is steadily scaling up his research on machine intelligence by applying the lessons le

April 9, 2021 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol. 8: "Amazing Fermented Food Culture in Asia -- Natto research leads to Field Studies on Fermented Foods"

  We interviewed Professor Satoshi Yokoyama, a geographer who has visited many places in Asia for many years to study na

December 16, 2020 

Students' most recommended specimens in Nagoya University Museum were on show at Nagoya City Science Museum!

Eight of Nagoya University Museum's student staff presented their most recommended specimens at Nagoya City Science Muse

November 25, 2020 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol. 7: "Life with and beyond the novel coronavirus: Producing artificial antibodies faster than ever"

At the same time that engineering researchers successfully developed a method to select artificial antibodies, the sprea

October 2, 2020 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol. 6: "Thinking ahead: Economic recovery from disaster"

More attention needs to be paid to early economic recovery in disaster mitigation. To that end, Nagoya University invest

September 4, 2020 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol. 5: "Save life on Earth! Accurately predicting solar flare"

A new physics-based model for accurately predicting solar flares was presented in replacement of empirical methods.   Pr

August 12, 2020 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol. 4 "World's highest standard! Energy saving CO2 capture technology"

Separating and capturing CO2 is energy-consuming. A technology was developed to cut that energy into quarters.     Press

July 31, 2020 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol. 3 "Deep-ultraviolet laser diode"

The world's shortest wavelength of 271.8nm deep-ultraviolet laser diode was developed.    Press Release: http://en.nagoy

July 31, 2020 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol. 2 "Chemical genomics identifies a drug to rescue winter depression-like behaviors in medaka fish"

An advanced research approach called chemical genomics identified a potential drug compound for seasonal affective disor

July 31, 2020 

Nagoya U Research FRONTLINE Vol. 1 "No experience needed 'micrografting chip'"

With the "micrografting chip," anyone can easily graft plants shortly after they have sprouted. It does not require adva

January 24, 2020 

Nagoya University Museum / Exhibition Fly-Through

A tiny drone dynamically shot the exhibition of Nagoya University Museum. Enjoy the stunning flight with music. (Video t

August 1, 2019 

A Two-Minute Story about Science Hidden in Your Life

This short video was launched on June 13, 2019 from the School of Science in Nagoya University. It aims to show that sci

May 13, 2019 

Tetsuya Higashiyama ITbM Media Presentation Feb 27, 2019

Nagoya University: Helping secure the world's food supply, now and in the future. Professor Tetsuya Higashiyama outlines

April 3, 2019  HIGHLIGHT

Nagoya University Neural Circuits Symposium March 18-19, 2019: Marty Chalfie's Keynote Lecture

The 5th Nagoya International Symposium on Neural Circuits was held at Nagoya University in March 2019 in honour of Osamu

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