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President's Awards

Nagoya University's Academic Charter states the following objective for the human resources it aims to develop:

"Nagoya University, through an education that values initiative, shall cultivate courageous intellectuals endowed with powers of rational thought and creativity."

Nagoya University makes every effort to implement education to cultivate initiative, powers of rational thought, problem-solving capability and real competence in order to develop personnel who rise to meet challenges.

Established in 2003, this program aims to encourage the further development of human resources with both excellent qualifications and creativity gained through diligent academic study and cultural and social activities, by honoring students who prove themselves to be the type of human resources the Nagoya University Academic Charter aims to develop and by publicly recognizing their activities.

1. Award details

Details: Each award recipient will receive a Certificate of Commendation and a cash prize of 50,000 yen to be used as a scholarship or to help contribute to society.
* The cash prize given out with the President's Award will be allocated from donations from the Nagoya University Co-op for the objective of enhancing the student scholarship system.

2. Target

Degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate students at Nagoya University or groups composed of Nagoya University students are eligible for the award, provided one of the following conditions applies:

  • Has received an excellent evaluation in extracurricular activities or has made a significant positive contribution to the reputation of Nagoya University.
  • Has received an excellent evaluation in activities that contribute to society, such as volunteer activities or international exchange activities, or has made a major positive contribution to the reputation of Nagoya University.
  • Has made a significant positive contribution to Nagoya University through ongoing extracurricular activities.
  • If a person or group has received this award in the past, the activities this time must be particularly noteworthy.

Inquiries and application details

Education Planning Division, Education & International Affairs Department