Graduate Studies

You can enroll as a graduate student in one of the following ways.


English course


Since October2011, Nagoya University has been offering international programs as part of the Global 30 project. These are educational programs in which international students and Japanese returnees can obtain degrees by only taking classes held in English.


G30 International Programs (Graduate Students)



Japanese course


I. International Graduate Government Scholarship Students (MEXT)


The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) established its scholarship program in 1954 and has been providing support to international students studying in Japan ever since.


To apply for a MEXT scholarship to be used for admission to a Japanese university, you will need to obtain a letter of recommendation from your embassy or a university.

You cannot apply for both at the same time.


You will typically enter Japan as a research student and advance into a higher degree program after conducting some initial research.


The university will not collect an admissions application fee or tuition from scholarship students.


If you meet certain conditions, the government will pay for your round-trip airfare.


(1) Embassy Recommendation
Inquiries Your country's embassy (or consulate-general) in Japan
Arrival Date   April or October


(2) University Recommendation
Inquiries  School or graduate school

Typically, Nagoya University will recommend students coming from universities that have academic exchange agreements with Nagoya University or that have sent students in the past to MEXT.

Arrival Date  October
Application Period  Around December


For details, please see the MEXT website.


II. Foreign Government Scholarship Students


Some foreign governments pay to send students to Japan for of the purpose of developing personnel, and request cooperation from the government of Japan to place them. Seeking to actively promote international cooperation, the government of Japan works to accommodate requests from these governments. 
Nagoya University currently accepts foreign government scholarship students from countries such as Malaysia and South Korea.


For details
III. Privately-Financed International Students


Graduate students


Nagoya University admits international students into 14 graduate schools. Admissions information differs for each graduate school, so please see their respective websites for details.