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Application for Work Permit

"College Student" is a status of residence that does not allow employment. As such, international students from abroad who wish to work on a part-time basis to pay for school expenses or other expenses are required to apply for permission to participate in activities that are not included in their visa status. International students who work without a work permit and those who fail to follow the regulations pertaining to the permit will be fined and may be deported in some cases. If permission has been granted, the maximum number of hours of work an international student can undertake is limited to 28 hours per week. During long school vacations, all international students with permits can work a maximum of 8 hours a day.


Students entering Japan for the first time can apply for permission to engage in activities that are not included in their visa statuses at the airport where they enter Japan. If you did not apply when you entered Japan, you can fill out the application form below and apply along with other documents later at the Immigration Bureau.

Application form and other documents necessary for students who did not apply for permission when they entered Japan

(1)    Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted (Immigration Bureau form)  [PDF]   [Excel]

(2)    Residence card

(3)    Passport

* There is no handling fee.


Notes about part-time jobs

  • We recommend new students not to take any jobs until they understand their study and research schedules at Nagoya University (seminar and lab times, etc). If you want to start working, please talk to an academic advisor in advance.
  •   "Long school vacations" refer to summer vacation, winter vacation and spring vacation.
  •   The period for which activities that are not included in your visa status will be permitted will be within your period of residence. If you extend your period of residence, you will also need to re-apply for this permit.
  •   When applying or re-applying, make copies of both sides of your residence card after you obtain approval to engage in activities that are not included in your visa status, and submit them to the office of your School/Graduate School.
  •   International students are not permitted to work in the adult entertainment business or related businesses.
  •   If you are on a leave of absence, you cannot work.
  •   There is no need to apply for permission for activities that are not included in your visa status for jobs like a TA or RA that are performed under contract with Nagoya University.
  •   Present your residence card to your employer and explain the limits within which you are permitted to work as an international student (time, type of work, etc.).
  •   When choosing a job, please consider the following points:
    ▪ Will this job have an adverse effect on your school work? (If you have to work late, will this affect you the next day?)
    ▪ Make sure there are no problems with the content of the job (check the safety, guarantees in the event of an accident, and whether or not the work type is prohibited)
    ▪ Working conditions (wages, whether or not transportation costs are provided, days off and daily work hours)
    ▪ Wage payment method (check whether payment is made by the day, week or month, check whether payment will be in cash or direct deposit into your bank account, and whether or not you have to pay taxes)
  •   We recommend that you ask for a document (contract) stating the working conditions, wage payment method, etc.
  • If you are working late at night, please note that this may change your daily rhythm and adversely affect your health and/or school studies.