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Federation of Liberal Art Circles

For the purpose of fulfilling campus life, the federation was founded in February 1961 to improve the activity's effect through better communications between circles, increase in literacy of students, encourage better understanding of each other and enhance friendship, as well as promoting and developing cultural activities.
Currently, following groups are the member of Federation of Liberal Art Circles and they are doing lively activities. In addition to the daily activities, various kinds of event are performed throughout the year including MEIDAI-SAI concert, regular concert and performance, etc.



Japanese Traditional dance
club ONBU(Music & dancing)
Kanzekai -Noh performers
in Nagoya University

Sado Club
Nagoya University Symphony Orchestra














Athletic Association

It is an organization controlling the extracurricular field of athletics intended for all undergraduates, graduates, and members of faculty of Nagoya University for the purpose of improvement in physique, cultivation of character, and promotion of mutual friendship of the members.
It was founded in May 1956 and was recognized as the university's official organization in February 1961, with the following member athletic clubs. This organization is encouraging activities over the wide ranges of fields including organization of ski and snow board tour and in-house competitions, as well as playing a main role of planning and running the athletic competitions with other universities. Also, it lends sporting gears and equipments.




American Football Team GRAMPUS

Nagoya University
Aviation Club (NUAC)















Sumo Team

Japanese horse riding club















University Festival "MEIDAI-SAI"

MEIDAI-SAI is held every early June in Higashiyama Campus. It is the biggest university festival in Tokai region, boasting the annual number of visitors nearly 50 thousand, which is run and organized by MEIDAI-SAI Executive Committee.

In the festival, various elaborate programs are held, including as many as 100 kinds of events participated in by circles and clubs, open house laboratories, and hands-on classes. In addition, the organizer is focusing on environmental efforts such as consideration for barrier-free, trash separation, etc.