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For International Students Student Exchange Division, Education & International Affairs Department +81-(0)52-789-2194 (Webpage) ised(at)
For Admission to G30 International Programs International Admissions Office +81-(0)52-747-6556 (Webpage) apply(at)
For Entrance
Exams for Privately funded
international students
Student Admission Division,
Student Affairs Department
※ Only available in Japanese
For Academic Exchange Agreements,
Courtesy call
Education and
International Affairs
+81-(0)52-747-6549   intl(at)
For Enrolloment to 3rd year grade  

Contact Educational Affairs Division for each school


From October 2020, Nagoya University offers a certificate issuance service at convenience stores.


For Admission to Graduate Schools
For Issuance of Miscellaneos Certificates
For General Information Information +81-(0)52-789-5111   nuinfo(at)
For Public Relations International Communications Office +81-(0)52-747-6862   icomm(at)
For Environment, Health, and Safety Environment, Health & Safety Office   (Webpage) ehs01(at)
For Nagoya University Library University Library (on Higasiyama Campus)   (Webpage)  
Medical Library (on Tsurumai Campus)   (Webpage)
For Nagoya University Museum Nagoya University Museum +81-(0)52-789-5767 (Webpage)  
For Nagoya University Archives Nagoya University Archives   (Webpage) nua_office(at)
For Nagoya University Alumni Association Nagoya University Alumni Association   (Webpage) nual-jimu(at)
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