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For International Students Student Exchange Division, Education & International Affairs Department +81-(0)52-789-2194 (webpage) ised(at)
For Admission to G30 International Programs International Admissions Office +81-(0)52-747-6556 (webpage) apply(at)
For Entrance
Exams for Privately funded
international students
Student Adnission Division,
Student Affairs Department
※ Only available in Japanese
(webpage) nyuusi(at)
For Academic Exchange Agreements,
Courtesy call
Education and
International Affairs
+81-(0)52-747-6549   intl(at)
For Enrolloment to 3rd year grade  

Contact Educational Affairs Division for each school


From October 2020, Nagoya University offers a certificate issuance service at convenience stores.


For Admission to Graduate Schools
For Issuance of Miscellaneos Certificates
For General Information Information +81-(0)52-789-5111   nuinfo(at)
For Public Relations Public Relations Office +81-(0)52-789-5111   kouho(at)
For Traffic control on Campus Center for Environmental Management and Safety     kanzai(at)
For Nagoya University Library University Library (on Higasiyama Campus)   (webpage)  
Medical Library (on Tsurumai Campus)   (webpage)
For Nagoya University Museum Nagoya University Museum +81-(0)52-789-5767 (webpage)  
For Nagoya University Archives Nagoya University Archives     nua_office(at)
For Nagoya University Alumni Association Nagoya University Alumni Association     nual-jimu(at)
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