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November 14, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Experiments on Earth that Mimic Planetary Formation: Evidence for Universal Scaling Laws in Impact Dynamics of Dust Agglomerates Under Microgravity Conditions

A collaboration between Nagoya University and TU Braunschweig finds evidence that when projectiles hit soft clumps of d

November 14, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Large, Good-quality, Monatomic Sheets of Germanene Grown Simply Using Annealing - A Step Closer to the Future of Electronics?

Nagoya University-led researchers have found an easier, scalable way to produce high-quality 2D sheets of germanium, po

October 26, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Research Reveals Secret Shared by Comets and Sand Crabs

Researchers at Nagoya University find a mechanical connection between sand crab burrow widths and widths of cometary pi

October 24, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

FOXSI-3 Succeeded in Focusing Imaging Spectroscopic Observation in Soft X-rays from the Sun for the First Time in the World!

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, National Institutes of Natural Science Kavli IPMU/The University of Tokyo N

October 15, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Molecular Pulleys Raise Both the Flexibility and Toughness of Advanced Plastics

Collaboration based at Nagoya University uses polyrotaxane cross-linkers to improve the performance of rubber-like poly

September 19, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Wave-particle Interactions Allow Collision-free Energy Transfer in Space Plasma

A team including researchers from Nagoya University finds evidence of collisionless energy transfer occurring in the pl

September 11, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Evaluating the Contribution of Black Carbon to Climate Change

Collaboration between Nagoya University and Cornell University develops improved model to assess the ability of black c

September 6, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Simple but Effective: Spontaneous Synthesis of Homogenous Polymer Networks

Researchers from Nagoya University develop a spontaneous polymer gel synthesis for the preparation of reproducible netw

August 28, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Scientists Advance Technique for Developing Novel Light Beams from Synchrotron Radiation

A new study has demonstrated a method that produces novel light beams from synchrotron light sources, opening up a new

August 27, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

High-Sugar Feeding only at Active Times of Day Reduces Adverse Effects in Rats

Nagoya University researchers showed that limiting the consumption of a high-sucrose diet to the nighttime, when rats a

August 23, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Signaling Cascade that Repairs Damaged Nerve Cells Characterized

Researchers at Nagoya University have identified the series of molecules involved in the regeneration of damaged nerves

August 9, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Hybrid catalyst with high enantiomer selectivity

  press released on August 9, 2018 Joint press release by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Hokkaido Univer

July 13, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Rice plants evolve to adapt to flooding

An international research team have discovered a gene in rice that is critical to its survival in flood conditions. The

June 27, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Recreating the Chameleon: Material Mimics Color Changes Of Living Organisms

Researchers at Nagoya University develop a composite material that, by adjusting its composition and exposing it to dif

June 8, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

"Tricking" Bacteria into Hydroxylating Benzene

Nagoya University researchers use E.coli to convert benzene into phenol, simplifying a chemical reaction that is diffic

May 18, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Keep the Light Off: A Material with Improved Mechanical Performance in the Dark

Researchers at Nagoya University find an inorganic semiconductor is brittle when exposed to light, but flexible in the

May 2, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Cracking Open the Formation of Fossil Concretions

Researchers at Nagoya University resolve the formation mechanism of "spherical carbonate concretions" and find they for

May 1, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Real-time Coverage of Inside of the Brain Made Possible

Nagoya University-centered researchers develop novel system for in vivo real-time monitoring of metabolites in a living

April 26, 2018  HIGHLIGHT

Electrons and positrons collision for the first time at the SuperKEKB accelerator!

  Particle physicists at Nagoya University were very excited watching the memorial event of the new international experi

April 17, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Global first determination of crystal structure of gastric proton pump

Nagoya University-centered researchers first in world to determine crystal structure of gastric proton pump responsible

April 16, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Innate immune adaptor TRIF confers neuroprotection in ALS mice by eliminating abnormal glial cells

Researchers led by Nagoya University revealed that deficiency of the innate immune adaptor TRIF significantly shortened

March 29, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Inherent Feminizing Effect of Germ Cells: New Insights into Sex Determination

Nagoya University-led study shows for the first time germ cells have an inherent property to feminize the body in teleo

March 26, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Superconductivity in an Alloy with Quasicrystal Structure

Japanese researchers observe superconductivity in a quasicrystal for the first time. press released on March 26, 2018  

March 22, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Scientists control molecular alignment on a graphene surface ~ A fluke discovery could pave the way towards improved graphene-based electronics ~

Scientists at Nagoya University have developed a simple way to align molecules in one direction on a flat graphene surf

March 22, 2018  HIGHLIGHT

A Step Forward to Search for New Physics beyond the Standard Model

A new international experimental project, the Belle II experiment using the SuperKEKB electron-positron collider at the

March 19, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Even flies like a familiar song: How auditory learning shapes fly behavior

Researchers at Nagoya University develop fruit fly model to explore how learned auditory cues alter mating behavior and

March 13, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Scientists accurately model the action of aerosols on clouds

Using the powerful K computer, an international research group have for the first time accurately calculated the effect

March 12, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Digging up the Precambrian: Fossil Burrows Show Early Origins of Animal Behavior

Researchers led by Nagoya University discover penetrative trace fossils from the late Ediacaran of western Mongolia, re

March 6, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Metal-free Catalyst Extends the Range of Ester Synthesis

Nagoya University researchers produce valuable esters in high yield using environment-friendly catalyst. press released

February 19, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Flexible warped nanographene developed for bioimaging ~ A new water-soluble nanocarbon triggers cell death when exposed to light ~

An international team of scientists has developed a water-soluble "warped nanographene", a flexible molecule that is bi

February 16, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Nitrate flux in the Arctic not following the decreasing NOx emissions in neighboring countries

Nitrate deposits in the Arctic remains high even after the turn of the century, despite environmental policies adopted

February 15, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Dance of auroras: Scientists make first direct observation of electron frolic

The shower of electrons bouncing across Earth's magnetosphere - commonly known as the Northern Lights - has been direct

February 8, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

"Zipping-up" rings to make nanographenes ~ A fast and efficient method for graphene nanoribbon synthesis ~

Nanographenes are attracting wide interest from many researchers as a powerful candidate for the next generation of car

January 23, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Chemical hijacking of plant hormone signaling ~ A collaboration between organic chemistry and synthetic biology ~

Professor Keiko Torii (ITbM, Nagoya University; HHMI; University of Washington) and her colleagues, Associate Professor

January 19, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

2D Tin (Stanene) without Buckling: A Possible Topological Insulator

Nagoya University-led researchers produce 2D sheets of tin atoms predicted to have exotic uses in electronics. press re

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