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December 29, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Unlocking the mystery of pollen tube guidance ~ Solving the cocrystal structure of a pollen tube attractant and its receptor ~

Pollen tube guidance towards the ovule is an important step for fertilization in flowering plants. In order for this to

December 25, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Development of a Nanowire Device to Detect Cancer with a Urine Test

Researchers centered at Nagoya University develop a nanowire device able to detect microscopic levels of urinary marker

November 22, 2017  HIGHLIGHT

Physicists at Nagoya University discover a huge void in Giza's Great Pyramid by cosmic-ray imaging

Nagoya University-led researchers discover big void in Egypt's Great Pyramid by detecting cosmic-ray particles   Figure

November 13, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Deadly Combination in Neurodegenerative Diseases Revealed

Japanese researchers develop new mouse model that captures pathology of sporadic neurological diseases  press released

October 23, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Astronomers Follow Gravitational Waves to Treasure

Astronomers have tracked down the source of a gravitational wave and discovered the first observed kilonova: a nuclear

September 20, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

More mouths can be fed by boosting number of plant pores ~ Discovery of small molecules that increases the number of stomata on plant leaves ~

Scientists at ITbM, Nagoya University have synthesized a new bioactive small molecule that has the ability to increase

September 14, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

"Handedness" in Scale-eating Fish: Nature and Nurture

Two researchers from Nagoya University and the University of Toyama find scale-eating fish have a naturally stronger si

September 5, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Discovery of dynamic seasonal changes in color perception ~The small fish "medaka" shows large differences in color perception in summer and winter~

Biologists at the National Institute for Technology and ITbM, Nagoya University have discovered that Japanese medaka fi

August 29, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

High-speed switching for ultrafast electromechanical switches and sensors

Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Nagoya University, Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI),

August 28, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Nagoya-led team flips the switch on ferroelectrics

Nagoya University-led international collaboration develops new approach to advanced sensor and energy harvesting device

August 21, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Nagoya Physicists Resolve Long-Standing Mystery of Structure-Less Transition

Nagoya University-led team of physicists use a synchrotron radiation X-ray source to probe a so-called "structure-less"

August 18, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Mechanisms Explaining Positional Diversity of the Hindlimb in Tetrapod Evolution

Researchers at Nagoya University uncover the gene and protein involved in the determination of the hind legs in tetrapo

August 18, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

How Whip-like Cell Appendages Promote Bodily Fluid Flow

Researchers at Nagoya University have identified a molecule that enables cell appendages called cilia to beat in a coor

August 17, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Super-photostable fluorescent labeling agent for super-resolution microscopy ~ A powerful tool for 3D and multicolor STED imaging of cellular ultrastructure ~

Chemists at ITbM, Nagoya University have developed a super-photostable fluorescent dye, PhoxBright 430 (PB430), to visu

August 10, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Successful filming of fastest aurora flickering

An international team led by researchers at National Institute of Polar Research, along with researchers at Nagoya Univ

August 3, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Different Sensory Pathways Engaged in Feeling and Responding to External Temperature

A team at Nagoya University has shed light on how distinct sensory neural pathways function in "feeling" changes in tem

July 28, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

On-Chip Pumps Achieve High-Speed Sorting of Large Cells

A research group in Nagoya University developed a high-speed cell sorting method of large cells with high-viability usi

July 24, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Shining rings: A new material emits white light when exposed to electricity ~ New synthetic approach could spark development of other dynamic materials ~

Scientists at Nagoya University have developed a new way to make stimuli-responsive materials in a predictable manner.

July 13, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Nagoya Medical Researchers Propose New Disease Category of Skin Disorders

Nagoya University-led team reviews skin diseases to define a new type of genetic-based inflammation for improving diagn

July 10, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Nagoya Forensic Scientists Recover Human DNA from Mosquitos

Nagoya University research team shows that human blood extracted from mosquitos remains viable for DNA analysis up to t

June 27, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Nagoya University chemists turn metal catalysis on its head for a sustainable future

Nagoya University researchers take a nonintuitive approach to metal catalysis for selective conversion of biomass into

June 16, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Skin Disease Caused by Sperm Cell Transmission of Keratin Mutation

A Nagoya University research collaboration reveals the father-daughter inheritance of a mosaic skin disease as a sperm

June 8, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Lost Your Appetite? Try Inviting Yourself to Dinner

Researchers at Nagoya University reveal that eating in front of a mirror--or even with a picture of yourself eating--ma

June 1, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Dual Role of Fruit Fly Protein in Connecting Chromosome Copies

Nagoya University researchers identified combined function for Drosophila protein in launching and maintaining a proces

May 30, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Scientists identify protein linked to chronic heart failure

A Nagoya University-led research team has identified a receptor protein on the surface of heart cells that promotes chr

May 26, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Nagoya University Researchers Break Down Plastic Waste

Nagoya University-based research team develops new highly efficient catalyst for breaking resistant chemical bonds, pav

May 24, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

One-Dimensional Crystals for Low-Temperature Thermoelectric Cooling

Researchers at Nagoya University report high thermoelectric powers in one-dimensional crystals for practical low-temper

May 12, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

At Last: Beautiful, consistent carbon belts ~ Synthesis of a carbon nanobelt with potential applications in nanotechnology ~

Chemists have tried to synthesize carbon nanobelts for more than 60 years, but none have succeeded until now. A team at

May 8, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Bird Feathers Inspire Researchers to Produce Vibrant New Colors

A Nagoya University-led research team mimics the rich color of bird plumage and demonstrates new ways to control how li

April 26, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

New Model Could Help Predict Major Earthquakes

A Nagoya University-led team reveals the mechanisms behind different earthquakes at a plate boundary on the west coast

March 30, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Red and Violet Light Reset the Circadian Clock in Algae via Novel Pathway

Nagoya University-led researchers uncover novel red- and violet-light-sensitive pathway that helps keep green algae's s

March 27, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Nitrogen Foraging Ability of Plants Relies on Mobile Shoot-Root Hormone Signal

Research at Nagoya University uncovers molecular shoot-to-root signal in nitrogen-starved plants, revealing role for mo

March 23, 2017  HIGHLIGHT

Development of a non-invasive, quick, and low-cost system for cell quality evaluationーa step ahead to supply high quality and quantity of iPS cells

Dr. Ryuji Kato, an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Nagoya University, Japan, Dr

March 8, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Ultrafast Detection of a Cancer Biomarker Enabled by Innovative Nanobiodevice

Nagoya University-led collaboration develops a pioneering nanobiodevice that can isolate cancer biomarkers quickly with

March 7, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Identification of Genes Controlling Mouthpart Development Key to Insect Diversity

Nagoya University-led international research reveals functions of mouthpart-controlling genes in development of enlarge

February 14, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

New Peptide Hormone Aids Waterproof Barrier Formation in Plant Roots

Nagoya University researchers identify peptide hormones needed for formation and maintenance of plant root barrier to p

February 13, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Link Identified between Nerve Cell Proteins and Middle-age Onset Dementia

Nagoya University-led research identifies role for neuronal protein interaction in preventing frontotemporal lobar dege

February 8, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

Record-Breaking Material that Contracts When Heated

Researchers based at Nagoya University discover ceramic material that contracts on heating by more than twice the previ

February 7, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

What Happened to the Sun over 7,000 Years Ago? Analysis of tree rings reveals highly abnormal solar activity in the mid-Holocene

An international team led by researchers at Nagoya University, along with US and Swiss colleagues, has identified a new

January 26, 2017  PRESS RELEASE

New Insights into Brain Circuit for Hunger Responses during Starvation

Researchers uncover mechanism by which hypothalamic neural signaling drives hunger responses to survive starvation.   F

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