Research Achievements

December 10, 2015  HIGHLIGHT

World's first success in observation of the internal structure of microfossils from 3.4 billion years ago: a clue to the bio-organisms that lived at that early time

Prof. Kenichiro Sugitani and Associate Prof. Koichi Mimura at the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya Unive

November 27, 2015  HIGHLIGHT

A key to control the circadian rhythm lies in the molecules, revealed by interdisciplinary chemistry and biology research

Prof. Kenichiro Itami, Prof. Takashi Yoshimura, Prof. Steve Kay, and Prof. Stephan Irle along with their research groups

November 12, 2015  HIGHLIGHT

The faster the separation speed, the better the separation resolution ―Nanotechnology makes it possible

Prof. Yoshinobu Baba, Associate Prof. Noritada Kaji, and Assistant Prof. Takao Yasui from the Graduate School of Enginee

October 21, 2015  HIGHLIGHT

Exploring the entire story of plant fertilization using live imaging

Prof. Tetsuya Higashiyama's research groups, WPI-ITbM and JST-ERATO Higashiyama Live-Holonics Project, Nagoya University

September 14, 2015  HIGHLIGHT

Updating human evolution through examination of technological innovation in stone tools

Assistant Prof. Seiji Kadowaki, Nagoya University Museum and Graduate School of Environmental Studies at Nagoya Universi

May 26, 2015  HIGHLIGHT

Young researchers' inquiring minds and ambition, to produce newborn benzene molecules

Prof. Kenichiro Itami, Associate Prof. Junichiro Yamaguchi, Mr. Shin Suzuki (a post-graduate student), and Designated As

May 8, 2015  HIGHLIGHT

Medical−engineering cooperation for safe and secure surgical treatments

Assistant Prof. Tomonaga Ueno and Visiting Associate Prof. Keiko Irie of the Social Innovation Design Center (SIDC), Ins

April 28, 2015  HIGHLIGHT

Young researchers' glittering success with decorated molecular rings

Prof. Kenichiro Itami, Designated Associate Prof. Yasutomo Segawa, and Ms. Natsumi Kubota (a post-graduate student) at t

March 26, 2015  HIGHLIGHT

The WISH project, fighting world hunger

Prof. Motoyuki Ashikari and his research group at the Bioscience and Biotechnology Center, Nagoya University, have disco

March 12, 2015  HIGHLIGHT

Nanotechnology opens up for "ultrafast" genetic testing

Prof. Yoshinobu Baba, Assistant Prof. Takao Yasui, and their colleagues at the Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Un

March 2, 2015  HIGHLIGHT

Discovery of a new plant hormone that perceives and compensates for "hunger" 

Prof. Yoshikatsu Matsubayashi, Dr. Ryo Tabata, Ms. Kumiko Sumida, and Assistant Prof. Hidefumi Shinohara at the Division

February 19, 2015  HIGHLIGHT

"Longing for spring:" elucidation of the mechanism of survival strategy

Professor Takashi Yoshimura, Dr. Keisuke Ikegami (currently an assistant professor at Kinki University Faculty of Medici

February 4, 2015  HIGHLIGHT

The development of novel "stimuli-sensitive" hydrogels for various applications

Associate Prof. Yukikazu Takeoka and his research group at the Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University invente

January 29, 2015  HIGHLIGHT

To increase the reliability of green fluorescent protein (GFP) use

Green fluorescent protein (GFP) is one of the most important tools used in contemporary bioscience. Dr. Shoji Segami, Pr

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