Research Achievements

August 1, 2019 

A Two-Minute Story about Science Hidden in Your Life

This short video was launched on June 13, 2019 from the School of Science in Nagoya University. It aims to show that sci

May 13, 2019 

Tetsuya Higashiyama ITbM Media Presentation Feb 27, 2019

Nagoya University: Helping secure the world's food supply, now and in the future. Professor Tetsuya Higashiyama outlines

April 3, 2019  HIGHLIGHT

Nagoya University Neural Circuits Symposium March 18-19, 2019: Marty Chalfie's Keynote Lecture

The 5th Nagoya International Symposium on Neural Circuits was held at Nagoya University in March 2019 in honour of Osamu

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