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April 3, 2019  HIGHLIGHT

Nagoya University Neural Circuits Symposium March 18-19, 2019: Marty Chalfie's Keynote Lecture



The 5th Nagoya International Symposium on Neural Circuits was held at Nagoya University in March 2019 in honour of Osamu Shimomura (August 27, 1928 - October 19, 2018), Nobel Laureate in Chemistry (2008) and for many years a faculty member at Nagoya University.


The Symposium attracted a number of eminent researchers, including Marty Chalfie, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry (2008) and Bob Waterston, a pioneer on the Human Genome Project.


In his Keynote Lecture, Professor Chalfie notes the often crucial role of accidents and luck in the Scientific Method. He reflects on the role of serendipity in Osamu Shimomura's life and scientific achievements.


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