To All Nagoya University Students, Faculty and Staff: Preparing for Subsequent Waves of the Novel Coronavirus

At present, the number of patients with COVID-19 is increasing again in the Tokyo metropolitan area, the Kansai area, Hokkaido, and here in Aichi Prefecture, and there are concerns about a nationwide third wave of infections.


With the goal of letting students regain something of a normal university life, at Nagoya University we have held face-to-face classes as much as possible since the beginning of the fall semester, and we have gradually begun resuming extracurricular activities. However, given the large number of people gathering on campus, there is a risk of mass infection if we let down our guard. To ensure that we can continue face-to-face classes and extracurricular activities, I strongly request each member of the Nagoya University community to pay attention to the spread of infection and act responsibly.


As I have repeatedly stated, I would like to ask all students, faculty and staff to make every effort to lessen the possibility of infection by avoiding the 3Cs in your everyday life, wearing masks, and washing your hands and gargling. As we approach the end of the year and the associated parties and celebrations, please take utmost care to stay safe and healthy.


If you do develop a fever or other symptoms, please immediately undergo a medical exam at a medical institution and contact the Health Administration Office. Thank you.



November 6, 2020
Seiichi Matsuo, President of Nagoya University



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