Message to All Students, Faculty and Staff Members of Nagoya University

To all members of Nagoya University,


The novel coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19) has spread across the globe, leaving a great and terrible impact on all of human society. Here in Aichi Prefecture, over 500 people have been infected thus far, and activities at Nagoya University have been greatly restricted. Such steps, though, are an effective tool to combat the spread of the virus, and in recent days the number of infections and hospitalizations has dropped significantly. As a result, the government's Novel Coronavirus Response Headquarters announced at its May 14 session that Aichi Prefecture would be removed from the regions covered by the national state of emergency, and Aichi Prefecture lifted its business closure request for universities. However, it remains vital that we continue to take thorough measures to prevent the spread of the virus. It is feared that a second wave of infections is possible if we do not remain vigilant. Thus, Nagoya University will continue to take stringent measures against the spread of the coronavirus as we gradually relax our restrictions on educational and research activities. As President, I would like to inform the Nagoya University community of our university policies from here on out.


Starting May 18, the Nagoya University Alert Category is lowered from Category C (Emergency) to Category B (High Alert). At the same time, most Activities Levels have been lowered one level until May 31. We will monitor any coronavirus-related developments and conditions within the university throughout May, with the hopes of further lowering Activities Levels starting June 1 if possible. Please check the Nagoya University website for details as they become available.


Our students, especially our new students, have been inconvenienced in a variety of ways by our campus restrictions on undergraduate student entry. A recent online survey showed that 70% of students feel worried or anxious. Our researchers and graduate students, too, feel great apprehension about their important research being delayed. However, our faculty and staff members are working hard together as one and making various efforts to minimize the impact on student education and vital research, while our University Hospital members, too, are working day and night in very difficult conditions to provide the finest quality of medical care. As President, I am incredibly proud of all the hard work being done by all of you.


Nagoya University is embarking on many efforts to provide assistance to students who are having difficulties in these troubled times. We have received an outpouring of support from our alumni and others both inside and outside the community, ranging from financial donations to contributions to our food pantries, and I am grateful beyond words for all of the kindness, warmth, and understanding you have extended to us. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


In the days ahead, we will carefully monitor conditions around COVID-19 and work hand in hand with national and regional authorities. As President, I have faith that Nagoya University will rise above these current hardships and lead the way to an even brighter future.


We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let us all strive together for a better tomorrow!


May 15, 2020
President Seiichi Matsuo