To All Nagoya University Students, Faculty and Staff: To prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, please act responsibly in your day-to-day life!

July 22, 2020

Seiichi Matsuo, President of Nagoya University


At present, COVID-19 case numbers are rising once again in the Tokyo and Kansai areas. It is feared that we are facing a dreaded second wave of infections. The number of infections has been rapidly increasing here in Aichi Prefecture as well.


In fact, Nagoya University saw its first infection at Higashiyama Campus last week. Please rest assured that we took swift action to investigate the case and disinfect areas on campus as necessary, and at present there are no adverse effects.


However, as the risk of infection continues to rise, I must request in no uncertain terms that Nagoya University students, faculty and staff all make every effort to lessen their chances of getting infected. Please make washing your hands, wearing masks, and avoiding the 3Cs part of your everyday life, and refrain from dining together at restaurants and doing any unnecessary travel.

But if you develop a fever or other symptoms, please immediately undergo a medical exam at a medical institution and contact the Health Administration Office.


As a member of the Nagoya University community, I ask for your active cooperation in acting responsibly and with awareness of the gravity of the situation. Thank you.