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Disaster Mitigation Research Building

gensaikan.jpgThe Disaster Mitigation Research Building is a platform aiming to mitigate disasters in society, through the collaboration of industry, government, academia and citizens. The building is a seismically isolated structure equipped with a non-utility generation system and a photovoltaic power generation system.


The building is ordinarily used as a place for advanced research on disaster prevention and mitigation as well as for learning by citizens; meanwhile, when a large-scale natural disaster occurs, it will serve as a platform for universities and local communities to utilize in coping with the aftermath. The building also has a ground monitoring system and experimental equipment that can reproduce large-amplitude, long-period quakes, making the entire building a place for the development and experimentation of quake-resistant engineering for buildings.


Opening Days


Opening Hours

1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Please enter the building before 3:30 p.m.)





(Disaster Mitigation Research Building)