Vibrant Celebration of Africa Day at Nagoya University

On May 27, a remarkable event unfolded at Nagoya University, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Africa in commemoration of Africa Day (May 25). Organised by the African Students Association of Nagoya University (ASANU), with generous financial support from the Nagoya University Alumni Association, the event was a resounding success. With captivating performances, vibrant attires, and diverse talents, attendees were treated to an immersive experience celebrating the beauty and diversity of African culture.


Event Highlights:

The event featured the special participation of Monicah's Bounce Band and Djembe Group, whose energetic performances enthralled the audience. The African students proudly exhibited their traditional attires in a spectacular fashion show, highlighting the richness of African fashion. Benjamin Msutu from Malawi delivered a captivating traditional dance performance, while Winnie Papelo from Mozambique mesmerised the crowd with her poignant poetry.



African Fashion Show Models (Nagoya University Students)


Prisca Molotsi, a renowned South African jazz singer living in Japan, served as the charming host for the event, adding her unique touch of elegance and entertainment. The presence of Norimi Mizutani, the Vice President of Nagoya University and Director of International Affairs, Gracious Enwoods Soko, First Secretary (Trade) and Alex Khumalo, First Secretary (Administration) from the Malawi Embassy in Tokyo, and Kyoko Tanaka, Professor from the Global Engagement Center and Hitomi Takaki, Associate Professor also from the Global Engagement Center lent further prestige to the occasion. Mizutani delivered an inspiring opening speech, emphasising the importance of cultural exchange and unity among diverse communities.


Monicah's Bounce Band Performance


Approximately 190 participants attended the event, creating a lively atmosphere of excitement and cultural appreciation. The attendees, comprising students, faculty, and local community members, were immersed in a celebration that fostered cross-cultural understanding and promoted diversity on campus. Through this event, the African Students Association succeeded in fostering a sense of pride and appreciation for African culture among attendees.


Djembe Group Performance






We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the following individuals and organisations for their invaluable contributions and support in making the event a resounding success:


Director, International Affairs & Vice President of Nagoya University

We sincerely thank Norimi MIZUTANI for delivering an inspiring opening speech, setting the stage for an engaging and impactful event.

Harumi ASANO

Representative of AMA Africa

We extend our deepest thanks to Harumi ASANO and the entire Djembe Group for the captivating performance, which added a vibrant and cultural touch to the event.

Takeshi MURATA

Leader of Monicah's Bounce

We would like to express our profound appreciation to Takeshi MURATA and the entire Monicah Bounce team for their outstanding performance, which enthralled and energised the audience.

Prisca Molotsi

Guest MC

We are grateful to Prisca Molotsi for her exceptional skills as the event's MC, effortlessly guiding us through the program with grace and charisma.

Global Engagement Center

We sincerely thank the Global Engagement Center for their unwavering support in the meticulous planning and preparation of the event. Their dedication and assistance were instrumental in ensuring its smooth execution.

Nagoya University Alumni Association

We thank the Nagoya University Alumni Association for their generous financial support. Their contribution was crucial in making the event possible, enabling us to deliver a memorable experience to all attendees.


We are genuinely thankful for the collective efforts, commitment, and enthusiasm demonstrated by each individual and organisation mentioned above. With their support, the event achieved its remarkable success. Their contributions have made a lasting impact, and we are truly grateful for their involvement.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all who made this event memorable and remarkable. 


African Students Association of Nagoya University




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