Academics-Industrial Cooperation

Initiatives for Industry, Academia and Government Cooperation

In industries such as automobiles, aerospace, and ceramics "Manufacturing Chubu" is supported by basic research at Nagoya University. While it may be taken for granted that a university conducts research, particularly in the areas of developing new materials and human systems, we have also sent out from the university into the industrial community the next generation human resources. Considering Industry-Academia-Government cooperation as our social responsibility, Nagoya University provides the results of its liberal and creative research to society. Notable examples of this include "Studies on asymmetric synthesis" by Professor Ryoji Noyori, which led to the Nobel Prize, and "Basic studies on blue light emitting diode" by Professor Isamu Akasaki. 
As Industry-Academia-Government cooperation becomes increasingly important, Nagoya University, as a driving force of cooperation, is establishing new processes from the creation of intellectual property to its utilization, aiming at social contribution through intellectual property.


Academic Research & Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration