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Guide using the Career Support Center

The Nagoya University Career Support Center offers useful information for job hunting and internships, and supports the career search activities of our students throughout the year.



Mon-Fri(except for holidays): 8:30 am - 5:15 pm


1st Floor of Nagoya University Student Support Building



Here's what you can do at the Career Support Center

Viewing former students' job search experience reports

Students can view the job search experience reports of former students.

It contains useful information such as job hunting schedules, the content of written test, and advice for future job seekers. From 2019 onwards, you can browse from "NU-NAVI".

Disclosure of alumni list

Students can view lists of Nagoya University alumni provided by the companies.

Only available within the Career Support Center. (Reference Only)

Be sure to bring your student ID.

Loan and viewing career related books and magazines

Students can borrow books useful for job hunting, browse business magazines and newspapers.

Viewing job openings for public employees and teachers

Students can view application guidelines and pamphlets for public employees and teachers.


Viewing the list of employment places by faculty and graduate school

Students can view the list of employment places by faculty and graduate school.

Consultation at the counter

If you have any questions regarding job hunting in general internships, etc., please feel free to ask the staff.

Career Insites

Students can take the aptitude assessment test "Career Insites". Required time is 30 minutes.


This is an employment site specialized for Nagoya University students.

Students can view job information, internship information, job-hunting experience reports, subscribe to our newsletter via e-mail, make reservations for individual consultations, on-campus events, and career guidance and registration for career reports. For details on how to log in, please visit the Career Support Center Website.(



Guide to using individual consultation and counseling

Four career counselors at the Career Support Center provide individual consultation and information on job hunting and career paths.

We offer a wide range of consultations, including how to proceed with job hunting, methods for self-analysis, correction of entry sheets, mock interviews, consultation on future career plans, etc.

Please make reservations through NU-NAVI (URL below) for individual consultations and counseling.

For more information, please visit the HP Career Support Center. (URL below).


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