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Regarding the Use of Generative AI

To All Students,


Generative AI such as ChatGPT has been developing rapidly in recent years, and the use of generative AI, such as those that generate language, and even images and voice, is expanding throughout all of society. Nagoya University's views on generative AI are described in "The Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence Technology (Generative AI) in Education and Research". However, we ask all students to pay special attention to the following.

Please think about the effects and negative aspects that the use of such AI may have on your own learning, and deal with generative AI with the sincere intention of deepening your own learning. Please follow the guidance of your instructors regarding the use of generative AI in classes.

Please remember the following points.
1. There is a possibility that information provided by generative AI may contain errors, and the use of such misinformation may result in disadvantages for the user. Therefore, it is necessary for you to examine the accuracy of the provided information yourself.

2. Even if the provided information is correct, it may cause copyright infringement or plagiarism issues. Therefore, information provided by AI should only be used as a reference for your writing. Please do not use the provided information as is, even only partially. Penalties may be imposed in such cases.

3. Information entered as questions when using generative AI has a risk of being leaked, so you must not enter information that should be kept confidential, such as personal information.



Vice President (Education)