Meet Nagoya University

The Nagoya University Academic Charter

In recognition of the unique role of seats of learning and their historical and social missions, this document establishes the guiding principles for scholarship at Nagoya University. Nagoya University maintains a culture of free and open-minded academic endeavor and aspires to contribute to the prosperity and happiness of all people through research and education in those fields studying human beings, society, and the natural world. Above all, it aims to foster the harmonious development of humanity and science, to conduct advanced research, and to provide an education that encompasses the full range of the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. To these ends, we outline below the goals and guidelines for carrying out the required measures for continuing to perform our duties as a leading university.


1. Fundamental Objectives: Research and Education

(1)   Nagoya University, through its creative research, shall pursue truth and produce world-leading intellectual achievements.

(2)   Nagoya University, through an education that values independent thinking, shall foster individuals who possess intellectual courage, the power of rational thought, and imagination.


2. Fundamental Objectives: Contribution to Society

(1)   Nagoya University shall spearhead scientific research and foster individuals capable of exercising leadership both in the domestic and international arenas so they can contribute to human welfare, the development of culture, and global industry.

(2)   Nagoya University shall put to good use the specific qualities of the surrounding community and, through multifaceted research activities, contribute to the development of the region.

(3)   Nagoya University shall promote international academic co-operation and the education of international students. It will contribute to educational and cultural exchange with other countries, especially those in Asia.


3. Fundamental Policies: Research and Education System

(1)   Nagoya University shall study the humanities, society, and nature from an inclusive viewpoint, respond to contemporary issues, and change and enrich its education and research system to generate new values and a body of knowledge based on humanitarian values.

(2)   Nagoya University shall support an education system that inherits and develops intellectual resources cultivated from the world's intellectual traditions. It will promote advanced and innovative education.

(3)   Nagoya University, through disseminating information, exchanging people, and cooperating with institutions in Japan and abroad, shall create the foundation for an international academic culture.


4. Fundamental Policies: University Administration

(1)   Nagoya University shall always support scientific inquiry based on the autonomy and initiative of its members, guaranteeing them the right to freely conduct their research.

(2)   Nagoya University shall ask its members to take part in the formulation and implementation of our foundational principles for research and education and the objectives and policies for administration.

(3)   Nagoya University, aspiring to be an open and accessible university, shall promote both internal and external independent assessment and evaluation of its research, education and administration.