Wu Yen Lin's Dream For The Future

 Greetings! My name is Wu Yen Lin and I am a second year undergraduate of Automotive Engineering in G30 program. I would like to share my future dreams after graduation. The courses of this major are full of specialized courses varying from theoretical knowledge to practical application. Although the workload is undoubtedly tough, I had a good time learning what I am interested in and what are beneficial to my future career.

 In the current semester, I have 3 specialized courses related to the professional knowledge of mechanism. They are taught by experienced Japanese professors who, other than the lecture itself, also tell us how the trend of the automobile industry is or assist our future plan in Japan and so on. Some even have the experience working as an engineer in Toyota or other companies and thus are able to share how they have come along for that. With these supports available, I can have a clear map of my future.

 I am looking forward to working on innovation of design and materials of automobiles or airplanes, to contribute to the industry with inspiring ideas and benefit the world. Since Aichi-ken is famous for such industries and is also a place where the design, manufacturing, and assembly take place. Take Boeing 787 for example, around 35% of the components are manufactured in Nagoya, which definitely needs a large number of top-notch engineers to participate in. Therefore, the employment pool will always spare room for Nagoya University graduates.

 Overall, Nagoya University offers a great chance for students to make connections with global trend and professors are always willing to help the students out with any problems. If you have interests in the field of engineering or science, Nagoya University will certainly be a great choice to conduct your further studies!