How do you feel about Nagoya University?

Hello everyone, I am Davaajargal from Mongolia. From September, 2011 I am enrolled to the G30 Program of Nagoya University. Currently, I am a sophomore in the School of economics. The G30 program not only has Japanese students but also many international students from all over the world. It is an international environment where I can experience different cultures, language and tradition in one spot. As for the professors, they are also diversified. We have not only Japanese professors, but also professors from USA, England, Germany and many other countries. We have small size classes with 6-8 students, so there is more chance to directly communicate with the professor and exchange ideas with the fellow classmates. In our study, we learn and discuss about global challenging problems and try to seek solution for it. At first it was really hard to adapt to a different environment and live away from your family, I have overcome this challenge with the help of kind professors and friends. Of course, Japanese was the biggest problem when I first came here, but in the G30 program we had Japanese classes every day. Learning Japanese helped me to understand the Japanese culture and society better. For the 4 years of my university here in Nagoya, I want to learn as much as I can, find my lifetime friendship and make many new memories. It is already half way done, so I'll try my best for the next remaining two years!!