Hosting a Model United Nations at Nagoya University

By Wan-Ching Anny Lai and Putri Gifta Desyanmi Santosa

Photos by Caleb Candelaria, Karl Roque and Ken Yamashita


Nagoya University Model United Nations (NUMUN) recently held its third annual event, NUMUN 2023, on April 29th and 30th. The conference, held at 3 venues on the Higashiyama Campus, brought together approximately 80 participants from diverse regions including Tokyo, Okayama, Ibaraki, Oita, Fukui, and Taiwan. NUMUN provides a unique opportunity for delegates to engage in a real-life simulation of the United Nations conference, assuming the roles of diplomats from various countries to address complex global issues. 


NUMUN 2023 featured three committees with different levels of experience, including the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and the UNFCCC Conference of Parties 32 (COP 32). The SOCHUM committee, designed for beginners, discussed the future and ethics of human genome editing; the UNEP committee, designed for intermediate-level delegates, focused on the climate sustainability of the food industry; the COP 32 Committee was a special future crisis committee, designed for the advanced delegates to solve a crisis of non-state actor violence concerning oil in Antarctica. 



Delegates in each committee worked hard to represent their assigned country and put forward solutions for each issue considering their country's stances. Each committee provided the delegates with the opportunity to engage in realistic simulations of the UN, encouraging them to think critically, discuss global issues, and come up with solutions. The discussions were lively and engaging, showcasing the delegates' diplomatic, negotiation, and critical thinking skills. 


NUMUN 2023 was supported by United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD), Nagoya University Alumni Association, Nagoya University Global Engagement Center (GEC), and Nagoya University International Students Association (NUFSA), and was co-organized by NUFSA x NUISG NUMUN Organizing Team. NUMUN 2023 also invited Ms. Annika Vaughan, Deputy Chief of Creative Solutions of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and Dr. Matthias Hofferberth, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Texas at San Antonio to give welcoming speeches to the delegates through video.


The conference concluded with a closing ceremony, where the committee chairs recognized the delegates for their active participation and outstanding performance. Best Delegates, Outstanding Delegates, Honorable Mentions, and Best Position Papers awards were presented to the delegates who showed exceptional performance at NUMUN 2023. 


Nagoya University Model United Nations 2023 was a resounding success and the organizing team hopes that NUMUN can welcome more students in the future. NUMUN provides an excellent opportunity for students to think and act like diplomats and to take part in developing solutions to real-world problems. NUMUN hopes to continue to inspire more young voices and promote skills in diplomacy, public speaking, research, critical thinking, negotiation, and most importantly, to encourage the spirit of global citizenship!