I Attended the 2018 Nagoya University Entrance Ceremony!



Hello everyone. I'm Manami Ichinose, a second year student studying political science in the School of Law. This is my first time writing an article for the school, so I'm a little nervous. I'd appreciate it if you'll read all the way through.


I want to tell you about Nagoya University's 2018 Entrance Ceremony, which took place on April 5th.


The morning of the Entrance Ceremony was met with nice weather, as new students dressed in suits began to arrive in front of the Toyoda Auditorium. I could see the excitement in their faces for the beginning of their college lives. It was heartwarming to see all the new students taking pictures with family and friends to commemorate the event. The front of the auditorium was abuzz with all the people gathered about and student organizations looking to recruit new members.


Contrasting the scene outside, the ceremony itself was conducted in a most formal manner. Upon entering the auditorium, some of the students gave a few nervous looks.


During the ceremony, President Matsuo told the incoming students about what kind of place Nagoya University is. The president spoke of how the university is first and foremost a place of learning, noting the long history of the school in addition to its accomplishments, including being home to six Nobel Laureates. He also touched upon the global nature of the university, with its numerous foreign exchange students every year, and emphasized the school's strong connection with Asia. With this, the president said that the new students carry the university's hope for the future.


Students paid close attention to the president as he spoke, and you could tell that they were realizing that from today onwards they would be students of this university.



The president closed his address by wishing that every day at Nagoya University would present new opportunities, and that the four years the students will spend here will be a time of great personal growth.


Everyone probably felt a little tense during their pledge, where the incoming students vowed to live up to the expectations of being a student at Nagoya University.



Finally, the Mixed Voices Choir of Nagoya University welcomed the new students with a performance. Both of the songs that they sang were quite beautiful.



How do you feel about the Entrance Ceremony as I've described it above? I found myself feeling a bit nostalgic after having gone through the ceremony last year; at the same time, I also felt a mixture of pride and excitement well up within my chest as I looked upon my new underclassmen.


Again, I want to congratulate the incoming freshman class. You successfully made it through the entrance examinations and the life as a student at Nagoya University you've been waiting for is finally starting.


Although you'll probably be surprised by how different life in college is from your time high school, I'm sure you'll grow quickly accustomed to it. Then again, I also think it's good to occasionally recall the fresh new feeling of entering college for the first time.


Whether it's through the connections you make with others, the valuable experiences you can only have here, or of course the academic achievements you are sure to make, your life as a student at Nagoya University will offer you more than you can imagine. I hope you all challenge yourselves and make the most of your time here at Nagoya University!


Reported by Manami Ichinose (Japan)

(Modified and Translated by the Public Relations Office, Nagoya University)