Kwong Qi Jun's Dream For The Future

My name is Kwong Qi Jun, and I am currently a second year undergraduate under the G30 program in the School of Law. Under the G30 program, I took various classes ranging from law and political science to economics and management throughout my first and sophomore year. These classes have infinitely opened up my career choices, and have spurred me in unimaginable ways in the journey of discovering my real interests and goals in life.

During these four years in Nagoya University, I learned as much as I could about Japanese culture. It was really an amazing experience in learning the day to day livings of the Japanese, as well as customs and cultures associated with them. In Nagoya University, I've had many amazing professors to supervise my graduation dissertation. With that, my current short-term goal here is to complete my dissertation in both English and Japanese while in the near future. Nagoya University will help me be a global citizen, ever-ready to expand my skills for a globalized market. This can be achieved mainly due to the to the education and environment provided here by Nagoya University.


I plan to be an academician in the near future, to be on par with the great minds that inspired me to persevere and strive in face of obstacles, and to contribute to the global academic world. The G30 program in Nagoya University has definitely opened up my eyes to the international stage, and made me realize that I do not have to restrict my talent within the boundaries of my home country - there is a bigger world out there to be understood and hidden potentials to be discovered. In terms of fostering minds and thoughts, Nagoya University definitely has great standards in spurring ideas which made my studies in Nagoya University undoubtedly a rewarding experience.


Overall, Nagoya University prides itself in providing world-class education, where the academic freedom provided by provides ample room for voicing our opinions without fear.  With all these great points in mind, please join us in pursuing your future studies in Nagoya University. It will definitely be a rewarding experience!