Batdoj Davaajargal's Dream For The Future

In the future, I want to become a very well-known environmental economist. I want to use the knowledge and experience gained at Nagoya University to solve challenging problems in my home country Mongolia.

Mongolia is a country rich in natural resources, and followed by a rapid development in mining industries. It is a country also known for the wild nature which had been kept as it is for many centuries. Recently, due to the competition for rapid growth, numbers of companies who mine the natural resources and not reviving the land have increased. As a result, many environmental problems are arising, such as desertification, biodiversity loss, water pollution and health problems associated with it.


Therefore, we must seek for a sustainable development path; a path that not only aims for economic development, but also cares for the environment. This is the reason why I am in Japan, especially in Nagoya University. Compared to Mongolia, Japan is a very environmentally concerned country, and the people's consciousness level towards the environmental protection is very high. Japan also had a history for environmental pollution and suffered from the aftermath of the problems. Thus, I want to learn from the mistakes and experience of Japan and successfully implement a new development path in Mongolia. In a large scale, I want to be a person who can contribute in solving not only local but global problems. In future, if there is a chance I want to become the UN Secretary General and help people of the world as much as I can to overcome the challenges they are facing. Therefore, I am studying to become a global person. I will do my best for it.