Two NU-Affiliated Upper Secondary School Students Receive JSEC 2017 Awards

The Japan Science & Engineering Challenge (JSEC) is a science and engineering independent research competition for high school students, hosted by the Asahi Shimbun (Japanese Newspaper) and TV Asahi Corporation. The 15th JSEC was held in 2017, garnering 174 applicants from across Japan. Advancing through the preliminary and initial screening stages*, the research of two students belonging to the "Super Science High Schools" student researcher program of the Nagoya University Affiliated Upper Secondary School were selected among 30 research projects nationwide.


As the final screening stage of the competition*, a poster presentation was held on December 9 (Sat) and 10 (Sun) at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, where Ryudai NITANO and Taira ITO were presented with the Review Committee Encouragement Award and the Distinction Award, respectively.

Review Committee Encouragement Award

Researcher: Ryudai Nitano

Theme: Measurement of the orbital period of the earth using seasonal changes in the synodic month

Category: Physics / Astronomy

Distinction Award

Researcher: Taira Ito

Theme: The moon's orbit and the earth's mass found through analysis of images taken by meteorological satellites

Category: Physics / Astronomy


* Preliminary screening

Each submission, based on its abstract and research report, is scored by five or six judges from the total pool of roughly 30 examiners, following which 50 to 60 research projects are selected. 


* Initial screening

Research projects that have passed the preliminary screening are further examined by roughly 20 examiners according to their fields of specialization. Following discussion at the review meeting, 30 research projects are selected to proceed to the final screening.


* Final screening

The 30 research project finalists are reviewed through poster presentations at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo. The recipient of each award is determined by professional screening conducted by experts from each field as well as a comprehensive screening by examiners, including screening committee members from companies.


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