Nagoya University becomes first Japanese National University to establish local subsidiary in Singapore

On November 22, 2023, Nagoya University established a legal entity in Singapore called Nagoya University Global Campus Ltd. It will use this base to strengthen its local education and research activities.As part of these efforts, Nagoya University will collaborate with several local educational institutions, public agencies, and private companies. These include our partner, the National University of Singapore (NUS).  


In terms of education, Nagoya University students will join the NOC Inbound Program at NUS in 2024. They will also participate in other new educational programs in Singapore, along with internships. 


As for research, more faculty members from Nagoya University are visiting Singapore every year. Therefore, we are considering new research bases in Nagoya and Singapore. 


In addition, Nagoya University Global Campus will continue to support start-ups. In June, we promoted Nagoya University startups by setting up display booths at Asia Technology x Singapore 2023. We also arranged booths at Switch 2023 in November. As more Japanese companies seek to expand globally, we will continue to help Nagoya University startups do the same.