School and Graduate School of Informatics to be Established as a Place for Education and Research Combining Liberal Arts and Sciences

Nagoya University, with authorization from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, will establish the School and Graduate School of Informatics beginning April 2017.

Building upon the achievements made by the School of Informatics and Sciences and the Graduate School of Information Science, the newly launched School and Graduate School of Informatics aim to create new informatics that contribute to the solution of issues that mankind is faced with and the creation of new values by utilizing big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), etc.

For further details, please see the following website (Available in Japanese):


Nagoya University School of Informatics Website:


(1) Name of the New School and Graduate School

The School of Informatics and the Graduate School of Informatics


(2) Date of Establishment

April 2017


(3) Student Quota

Undergraduate Program: 145 (including 10 students in junior year)

Doctoral Program (Initial 2 Year): 144

Doctoral Program (Final 3 Year): 43


(4) Departments

School of Informatics: Three Departments (Natural Informatics, Human and Social Informatics, and Computer Science)


Graduate School of Informatics: Six Departments (Mathematical Informatics, Complex Systems Science, Social Informatics, Cognitive and Psychological Sciences, Computing and Software Systems, and Intelligent Systems)