Reorganization of the School and Graduate School of Engineering

Nagoya University, with authorization from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, will reorganize the School and the Graduate School of Engineering beginning April 2017.

The University will offer "education for basics, specialization, and innovation" while maintaining a tradition of having a free and vibrant academic culture, which has contributed to producing numerous Nobel laureates, with the aim of developing even better engineering human resources and courageous intellectuals.

(Outline of Reorganization)

  • To meet expectations that the University cultivate even more advanced engineers-related talents as the core university of the Chubu Region, which has the highest concentration of world-leading manufacturing industries within Japan, the University will simultaneously reorganize the educational structure and curriculums of both the School and Graduate School of Engineering, with the aim of cultivating talents who possess both a high degree of specialization and comprehensiveness while still placing an emphasis on basic education in engineering.
  • The newly reorganized School and Graduate School of Engineering will respond to the various circumstances surrounding the engineering field, such as the rapid globalization of the international environment, increasing urgency for developing talents who will bring about the creation of new values and technological innovation, and social needs of a society which has an age distribution pyramid that is becoming inverted.
  • In light of the necessity of developing human resources in the fields of engineering and science, the departments of the School and Graduate School of Engineering will cover all areas related to engineering, leading to the cultivation of doctoral human resources.


(1) Reorganization of Departments

School of Engineering: From the current 5 departments and 13 courses to 7 departments

Graduate School of Engineering: From the current 20 departments to 17 departments


(2) Date of Reorganization

April 2017


(3) Student Quota

Undergraduate Program: 680

Doctoral Program (Initial 2 Years): 603

Doctoral Program (Final 3 Years): 143