Reorganization of the Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences

Nagoya University, with authorization from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Council for University Chartering and School Juridical Person), will reorganize departments of the Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences beginning in April 2018. Based on the new framework of four departments, the Graduate School will work further to develop education and research.


(1) Date of Reorganization

April 1, 2018


(2) Objectives of Reorganization

  • The Graduate School aims to remake the organizational structure so that it will reflect the diversification and intensification of basic agricultural fields on education and research, and that it will contribute to a qualitative improvement in food, the environment, and health for humans.
  • The Graduate School aims to make the structure and names of its departments corresponding to the research targets, methods, and related industries, and align the departments with the mindset of stakeholders, which is understandable for both current and prospective students and the society.
  • The Graduate School aims to achieve an education system that can smoothly implement curricula in response to the University's goals: 75 percent of the University's undergraduates will advance to graduate schools (becoming a universal university); and the University will increase the number of international students and develop international programs (becoming a global university).


(3) Student Quota

Master's Course: 151 (scheduled number, under budget request)

Doctoral Course: 42


(4) New Departments

  • Forest and Environmental Resources Sciences
  • Plant Production Sciences
  • Animal Sciences
  • Applied Biosciences