Regarding the Establishment of the Nagoya University Graduate School of Humanities and the Entrance Exam for AY2017

Nagoya University, with authorization from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, will be integrating the Graduate School of Letters, the Graduate School of Languages and Cultures, and the Graduate School of International Development International Communication Department and newly establishing the Graduate School of Humanities beginning April, 2017.


The Graduate School of Humanities will consolidate Nagoya University's resources for the Humanities, and be inaugurated as a center of international level Humanities education and research. It aims to cultivate researchers and highly specialized professionals who can play active roles both within Japan and on the global stage, as well as human resources that possess advanced language skills and cross-cultural understanding capable of responding to various issues within the global community as well as local communities, in order to respond to societal demands and expectations.


1) Name

Nagoya University Graduate School of Humanities


2) Date of Establishment

April 2017


3) Student Quota

Master's Course: 104

Doctoral Course: 61


4) Period for Acceptance of Application for Master's Course

From August 1 (Mon) through 5 (Fri), 2016


5) Entrance Examination for Master's Course

First Examination: September 12 (Mon) and 13 (Tue), 2016

The second examination is expected to be conducted in February 2017.


* We will announce further details regarding the application period and the entrance examination schedules on the Graduate School of Humanities website, provided below, as soon as they have been determined.


(Available only in Japanese for now)