Policy Proposal by RU11 on 'Policies Regarding Academic Research that Need to Be Addressed'

The "Research University 11" (RU11) is a consortium that has transcended the differences between public and private universities with the aim of academic advancement with an emphasis on cutting-edge research and the development of advanced human resources through such, consisting of 11 universities (Hokkaido University, Tohoku University, University of Tsukuba, The University of Tokyo, Waseda University, Keio University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Nagoya University, Kyoto University, Osaka University, and Kyushu University), and continues to produce research achievements rich in ingenuity and diversity.

RU11 has issued the following proposal with the aim of further developing universities as valuable entities that can respond to the needs of society. It would be appreciated if the people concerned could take a look and provide exceptional understanding and support to universities playing a leading role in the development of Japan as a foothold of knowledge.



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RU11's opinion about the world university rankings

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Research University 11
  • Hokkaido University Executive/Vice President Kazushige Kawabata
  • Tohoku University Executive Vice President Sadayoshi Ito
  • University of Tsukuba Vice President/Executive Director Yasuo Miake
  • The University of Tokyo Executive Vice President Kazuo Hotate
  • Waseda University Senior Executive Vice President Shuji Hashimoto
  • Keio University Vice President Toshiaki Makabe
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology Executive Vice President Makoto Ando
  • Nagoya University Trustee/Vice President Hideyo Kunieda
  • Kyoto University Executive Vice President Nagahiro Minato
  • Osaka University Executive Vice President Yasushi Yagi
  • Kyushu University Trustee/Vice President Masato Wakayama


For further details on RU 11, please refer to the following website (English)