Our Deepest Condolences to the Victims of the Kumamoto Earthquakes

Nagoya University offers its deepest condolences to victims of the quakes that struck Kumamoto and its neighboring areas on April 14 (Thu) and 16 (Sat), as well as to all people who have been affected by the quakes, including those who were injured or were forced to evacuate, and their family and friends.


Nagoya University (NU) has taken the following actions in response to the Kumamoto Earthquakes:

  • NU set up an emergency task force (Chair: Seiichi Matsuo, Nagoya University President) on April 16 to assist with the speedy reconstruction of areas that suffered damages to buildings and infrastructure
  • NU is working to confirm the safety of its students, employees and faculty, and to verify whether their hometowns have suffered damages from the earthquakes
  • Regarding volunteer activities and other disaster relief activities, NU is working with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Japan Association of National Universities etc. to establish a response system that provides assistance according to the needs and requests coming from the affected areas.


Seiichi Matsuo

President, Nagoya University