Nagoya University Receives Highest Rating on Interim Assessment of Top Global University Project

In 2014, Nagoya University was selected for the Top Global University Project of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), and on the interim assessment of the project, we have received the highest score of "S."


For the interim assessment, the Top Global University Project Committee of outside experts conducted document screenings and interview surveys, concluding that Nagoya University's efforts have been excellent and are expected to achieve the aims of the project.


Our University has received the highest recognition for the enthusiastic implementation of its systematic and varied initiatives, which have contributed to raising the standing of our university as a whole. Specifically, these initiatives include: strengthening innovative research with the expansion of the WPI-Next program and the Young Leaders Cultivation (YLC) program; internationalizing education with the introduction of the Asian Satellite Campuses; establishing the Institute of International Education and Exchange; making changes to our academic calendar as a part of university-wide educational reforms; introducing a GPA (Grade Point Average, an international standard for academic performance) system; expanding course numberings (codification of subjects); increasing the number of classes provided in English; and implementing joint degree programs.


Nagoya University will continue promoting the project in hopes of "becoming one of the world's leading universities," the vision described in our NU MIRAI 2020 initiative.  


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