Nagoya University Makes Donations for Support of Recovery of Areas Affected by Kumamoto Earthquakes

Nagoya University (NU) offers its deepest condolences to victims of the quakes that struck Kumamoto and its neighboring areas on April 14 (Thu) and 16 (Sat) in 2016, as well as to all people who have been affected by the quakes, including those who were injured or were forced to evacuate, and their family and friends.


Following the quakes, NU solicited donations to assist with the restoration of normal life for the victims as soon as possible, and is grateful for the many contributions from everyone who cooperated. On May 30 (Mon), NU made a donation of the collected contributions in the amount of 3.4 million yen through the Chunichi Shimbun Social Welfare Foundation to be spent towards recovery activities supporting disaster victims.


We wish for the earliest possible recovery of the areas affected.