Nagoya University in Japan and the University of Melbourne in Australia establish the Nagoya-Melbourne Joint Research Workshops Fund

Nagoya University and the University of Melbourne have established the Nagoya-Melbourne Joint Research Workshops Fund, a scheme to support the development of new international collaborations through joint research workshops. The two institutions will contribute equal funding to the project, which will begin in 2023 with two workshops in Nagoya and two in Melbourne. The universities expect that these initial projects will strengthen the research relationship between the two institutions through long-term collaborative partnerships, joint publications, exhibitions, and applications to external sources of funding. 


The new fund was born from a visit by a delegation from the University of Melbourne to Nagoya University in June 2022, in which they held discussions about ways to strengthen collaboration. Following this first step, further discussions will be held on measures that will lead to even stronger collaborations between the two universities. 


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