Nagoya University Exchanges Memorandum with NEDO on Cooperative Support for Entrepreneurs

Nagoya University exchanged a memorandum on cooperative support for entrepreneurs with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) of Japan on March 1, 2019, with the aim of mutual cooperation to discover potential entrepreneurs through business contests, support their growth, and cultivate entrepreneurial talent in the University.


Details of the Cooperation

(1) Collaboration between the Business Plan Contest held by Nagoya University for university-based entrepreneurs and the NEDO Technology Commercialization Program (TCP)

(2) Cultivation of talent in the university who can support the establishment and smooth development of Nagoya University-based entrepreneurs through the NEDO Technology Startup Supporters Academy (SSA) program

(3) Participation in the events and seminars of the Japan Open Innovation Council (JOIC) operated by NEDO regarding the development of university-based entrepreneurs


Major Effects

(1) Stepping up the establishment, discovery, and development of R&D entrepreneurs in Nagoya University and the local region through collaborative support with NEDO for the university's entrepreneurship initiatives

(2) Establishing Japan's venture ecosystem in a virtuous cycle by vitalizing local industries and calling attention to their needs through the provision of information on best practices in collaboration with leading national and regional universities, with the aim of supporting the growth of new entrepreneurs into R&D ventures that will play an active role internationally


NEDO Executive Director Masayoshi Watanabe (left)

Nagoya University Trustee Shigeaki Zaima (right)