Nagoya University to establish Global Campus at North Carolina State University

On Thursday January 26, Naoshi Sugiyama, president of Nagoya University, and Dr. Warwick Arden, executive vice chancellor and provost of North Carolina State University, signed a Memorandum of Agreement to establish the Nagoya University Global Campus at NC State University.


As part of Nagoya University's new international strategy, NC State has been designated as a Strategic Partner University, meaning that Nagoya University will deepen its ties with NC State in areas including student exchange and collaborative research. Nagoya University Global Campus at NC State University will provide a platform for the facilitation of Nagoya University learning and research in the USA.


'Through our US office, NU Tech, we've previously established a number of connections with NC State. I am confident that the establishment of Nagoya Global Campus at NC State offers the prospect of greater collaboration and has great merits for both of our universities,' says President Sugiyama. 'Nagoya University is one of our most committed partners at NC State.  As a university, we are committed to advancing deep collaboration with strategic global partners - like Nagoya University - because of our shared values and core mission to create new knowledge and develop practical solutions to global challenges,' adds Dr. Warwick.


President Sugiyama and Executive Vice Chancellor Warwick sign the agreement


The relationship between Nagoya University and NC State goes back to the 1980s, when the two universities first undertook collaborative research. In 1985, NC State became the first university to sign a student exchange agreement with Nagoya University. Over 20 years later, in 2007, its proximity to long term partner NC State was an important factor in the selection of Raleigh, North Carolina, as the location for NU Tech, Nagoya University's American office. Through NU Tech, a new short-term student exchange program, Ryugaku Academy, was established to give Japanese students an opportunity to study English and experience life at an American university.


The Global Campus will allow the creation of tailor made student exchange experiences that match each student's specific needs, and the combining of both universities' strengths to accelerate research into internationally significant issues. On top of this, it will provide international internship opportunities to students of both universities. The Global Campus will strengthen Nagoya University's ties with NC State while expanding Nagoya University's international presence.


Nagoya University and NU Tech members in front of the building that will house the Global Campus