Details of the AY2015 Graduation Ceremony

The Nagoya University AY2015 Graduation Ceremony will be held as follows:


March 25 (Fri), 2016

The ceremonies for graduate students and undergraduate students will be held at different times:

● 9:30 am to around 11:10 am for graduate students

● Around 11:50 am to around 1:00 pm for undergraduate students


Toyoda Auditorium, Nagoya University Higashiyama Campus

(Near Nagoya University [Nagoya Daigaku] Station Exit 2 on the Meijo Subway Line)



1. Graduating graduate students must enter Toyoda Auditorium by 9:10 am.

  Graduating undergraduate students must enter Toyoda Auditorium by 11:30 am.


2. Attendees other than graduating students -- including parents -- may not enter the auditorium, but they can watch a live broadcast of the ceremony from inside a specially designated lecture room in the Law & Economics Shared Facilities Building, where a special waiting room has been set up.


3. Please use public transportation (subway or bus) when coming to the University.

Cars, motorcycles, bicycles etc. will not be allowed to enter the campus, as there is not enough space. Parking in the parking spaces of nearby convenience stores and other shops and businesses is also prohibited.


* Please check the locations using the campus map at the following website: