Deep Condolences for the Passing of University Professor Osamu Shimomura

We express our deepest condolences upon hearing the sad news that Dr. Osamu Shimomura (University Professor of Nagoya University) has passed away.


While at Nagoya University, Dr. Shimomura devoted himself to his studies under then-Professor Yoshimasa Hirata and achieved remarkable research successes from within the University's free and vibrant academic culture. Afterward, Dr. Shimomura based his work in the United States, but we still must be sure to learn from his courageous determination in tackling difficult research problems. 


With the example of Dr. Shimomura's achievements in mind, our faculty and staff, students, and all other members of Nagoya University will continue to work hard in pushing our education and research forward.


Nagoya University President

 Seiichi Matsuo




University Professor Shimomura's Achievements