Deep Condolences for the Passing of University Professor Kazuo Koike

We express our deepest condolences upon hearing the sad news that Dr. Kazuo Koike (University Professor of Nagoya University) has passed away.


At the Nagoya University School of Economics, Dr. Koike served as associate professor between April 1970 and December 1977 and as professor between January 1978 and September 1981. During his time at Nagoya University, he pursued logical empirical studies in the field of labor economics based on field research and statistical data. He was able to reveal that the high quality of goods that brought success to the Japanese manufacturing industry was developed by intellectual expertise and long-term competition originating in the production site. He made outstanding achievements in and great contributions to the development of the academic discipline, as well as the promotion of learning.


Thanks to Dr. Koike, many students and researchers in Nagoya University have inherited his sincere attitude towards research.


We express our heartfelt gratitude for his services and contributions to Nagoya University, and pray that his soul may rest in peace.

Nagoya University President Seiichi Matsuo


University Professor Koike's Achievements (in Japanese)