Message to the Nagoya University Community Regarding the Novel Coronavirus

Updated on April 30, 2021


As you are aware from news reports and notifications, an outbreak of novel coronavirus disease has swept across the globe, and it is feared that infections will continue to spread in Japan as well.

Given the "Basic Policy for the Novel Coronavirus Disease Control" announced by the government, Nagoya University has developed the response measures as indicated below. 









To All Students of Nagoya University(Daily Life) 2021.4.30
Refrain from Dining Together (To All Students) 2021.3.24
To All Students of Nagoya University(Daily Life Outside of Class Periods) 2021.2.16 
Strengthening of Measures to Prevent the Spread of Infection 2020.12.1
Regarding "the support fund and allowance for the leave forced to be taken under the COVID-19 outbreak" (including part-time workers)" 2020.11.27
How We Are Handling Extracurricular Activities to Prevent COVID-19 Infection 2020.11.4
Cancellation or postponement of student travel overseas and acceptance of students from overseas related to study abroad programs in the 2020 autumn semester (January, February, and March in 2021) 2020.10.7
Re-entry of international students who possess the status of residence 2020.9.16
The President will hold dialogues with Nagoya University students: Message from the President 2020.8.6
Cancellation or postponement of student travel overseas and acceptance of students from overseas related to study abroad programs in the 2020 autumn semester (October, November, and December in 2020) 2020.7.21
Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies Second Round 2020.7.9
Tuition Exemption Due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic 2020.5.22
【To NU Faculty】Regarding Educational Activities Related to the Lowering of "Educational Activities Level" in the Activity Guidelines to Level 2(On-Campus Only) 2020.5.19
Postponement of Spring Semester Tuition Fee Payment Due Date for New Students (Undergraduate/Graduate Students)  2020.4.28
To All Students Who Have Experienced a Change in Their Household's Financial Situation Due to the Effects of the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic 2020.4.28
Cash handout from the Japanese government 2020.4.28
【To All Students】Regarding Academic Measures to be Taken if University Members Become Infected with COVID-19 & Regarding Treatment of Class Absences Due to COVID-19 Infection or Fever/Cold Symptoms 2020.4.27
【To NU Faculty】Educational Considerations Related to Suspension of Attendance Due to the Novel Coronavirus and Alternative Measures for Classes During Temporary Closure (On-Campus Only) 2020.4.22
【To NU Faculty】Regarding the Carrying Out of Classes Using NUCT (On-Campus Only) 2020.4.17
To All Nagoya University Students Regarding Overseas Travel
To Students Newly Arriving in Japan (New Students)and Students Currently in Their Home Country (Current International Students) 2020.3.31
Regarding the Handling of Prospective Students (Degree Seeking Students) Who Cannot Enter Japan Due to the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak 2020.3.17



 Regarding AY2020 Classes and Various Orientations

Other Information


Contact Information, etc.

■Contact regarding health consultations for any students, faculty or staff members of our university who have been infected/may have been infected or have other concerns.

Health Administration Office TEL: 052-789-3970


■For our university's students, if you have any concerns or problems regarding your physical or mental health due to coronavirus-related matters (such as disturbances caused in your everyday life, the suspension of extracurricular activities, etc.), please feel free to consult the Student Services Center.

Student Services Center TEL: 052-789-5805 Open weekdays from 10 AM to 5 PM

E-mail :


■As a measure against the novel coronavirus disease, we will accept phone and email inquiries so that students need not come to the university. In addition, even if you come to the university, offices may not be operating as usual, so please inquire with the office by phone before coming to the university.