Ceremony to Present Certificate of Gratitude for Establishing the Hoshizaki Scholarship Held in Nagoya University

Nagoya University and the Nagoya Institute of Technology, both of which are Japanese National University Corporations, held a ceremony to present a certificate of gratitude to Seishi Sakamoto, Chairman and President of Hoshizaki Electric Co., Ltd. ("Hoshizaki Corporation" since July 1, 2016) and President of the Sakamoto Donation Foundation Corporation (SDF), as well as to his wife, Haruyo Sakamoto, the Director of SDF, at Toyoda Auditorium in Nagoya University on June 24 (Fri), 2016.


The Hoshizaki Scholarship (benefit-type), established in both universities thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Sakamoto's generosity, is the first of its kind to be implemented in Japan, in which the universities received portions of stocks owned by SDF, which Mr. and Mrs. Sakamoto established by investing all of their shares of Hoshizaki Electric Co. as donations, and will use the dividends as funds to operate the scholarships. Based on Mr. and Mrs. Sakamoto's wish to provide assistance "to students aspiring to join the manufacturing industry," scholarships will be awarded to financially impoverished students in the amounts required for their studies.


In addition, while this scholarship will continue to be provided to future students studying in fields related to manufacturing, there are no restrictions on the specific career paths of beneficiaries after they graduate/complete their programs.