Attention to Information on MERS Infection

Recently, several cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) have been confirmed in Japan's neighboring countries -- the Republic of Korea and China. For that reason, careful attention must be paid when going abroad.


Currently, the World Health Organization and governments of relevant countries are investigating the infection route of the MERS coronavirus, and Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs also provides relevant information, such as region-wide information and spot information about overseas travel, and general precautions against the virus on its website (currently only in Japanese ).


Nagoya University students and faculties who are staying abroad or plan to go abroad should take careful consideration to ensure their own safety by obtaining the latest relevant information from the media or a Japanese embassy/consulate at or near the destination.


If symptoms of fever or respiratory tract abnormalities appear after returning to Japan from South Korea, Middle East countries, etc., please consult with a local health center or medical institution immediately.



Chikusa Ward Public Health Center (Consultation of medical care)

Phone: 052-753-1951

Nagoya University Health Administration Office

Phone: 052-789-3970


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