Attention: Preventing the Abuse of Illegal Drugs

To Nagoya University Students, Faculty and Staff Members:


In recent years, there have been growing concerns about the spread of marijuana use among young people, and similarly the abuse of stimulant drugs among middle-aged and senior adults is reportedly on the rise.


The abuse of illegal substances, such as marijuana, stimulant drugs, or other dangerous drugs, can seriously damage not only the users' physical health but also their psychological health. Furthermore, drug abuse can strain relationships with friends and family, and might potentially lead users to commit vicious crimes while in hallucinatory or delusional states, consequently causing great harm to society as a whole.


The use of these drugs is prohibited or restricted by law, and those in violation of these laws face severe punishment. Thus, Nagoya University will also respond harshly to such instances of drug abuse.


We ask you, our students, faculty and staff members, to make every effort to stay away from illegal drugs, and to act responsibly with the awareness that you represent Nagoya University.


Hajime Wada

Vice President, Risk Management Manager

Nagoya University


Related Website: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan "Drug Abuse Prevention Campaign" (From June 20 to July 19)

(in Japanese)