Two Nagoya University Programs Selected as Leading Graduate School Programs in FY2013

Two programs proposed by Nagoya University have been selected for the Program for Leading Graduate Schools in FY2013.


The Program for Leading Graduate Schools (a funding project operated by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) aims to help talented students to become future global leaders with broad perspectives and creativity, and the capacity to play significant roles in industry, academia, and government. To that end, this project is intended to facilitate graduate schools worthy of being the top educational institutions to implement radical reforms in graduate education in order to establish and develop world-class, quality-assured degree programs consistent throughout the master's and doctoral programs beyond disciplinary boundaries, by mobilizing first-class faculty members and students from Japan and abroad and encouraging industry, academia, and government to participate in the programs.


This project offers three categories of education: (1) The "All Round Category" for degree programs that bring together the knowledge of the entire university in the integration of the humanities and sciences; these are intended to develop future global leaders who can play a significant role in domestic and international political, financial, governmental, and academic bodies; (2) The "Composite Category" for degree programs with an interdisciplinary curriculum, intended to develop leaders who can bring together industrial, academic, and governmental projects and drive forward innovations, in order to solve challenging issues in society in terms of Environment, Life and Health, Safety and Security, Materials, Informatics, Harmonious Symbiotic Societies, etc.; and (3) The "Only-One Category" for degree programs that train students to become leaders who can pave the way for new fields, by making good use of each university's globally recognized unique characteristics.


A total of 102 programs from 62 universities applied for this project, of which 18 programs from 15 universities have been selected. (Adoption rate: 17.6%)


Nagoya University programs adopted in FY2013 were:


   Composite Category: Informatics (4 out of 11 applications selected)

   Name of Program: Graduate Program for Real-world Data Circulation Leaders

   Coordinator: Kazuya Takeda, Professor, Graduate School of Information Science


   Composite Category: Harmonious Symbiotic Societies (3 out of 11 applications selected)

   Name of Program: Women Leaders Program to Promote Well-being in Asia

   Coordinator: Hiroko Tsukamura, Professor, Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences