Selected for FY2013 Program for Promoting The Enhancement Of Research Universities

Nagoya University was selected as an institution to receive support under the program for promoting the enhancement of research universities. The University was in the top 4 out of 22 institutions to be chosen for FY2013.

The program is designed to support efforts to recruit and make full use of research management personnel (including research administrators) responsible for research strategies and intellectual property control and to strengthen research that is combined with focused efforts to carry out reform of research environments at universities (universities and institutions that are jointly used by universities).

 The University engages in efforts to strengthen research on the basis of the following fundamental plans: Analysis of Research Capabilities, Reform of Personnel Systems in Order to Strengthen Research Work to Young Researchers and Female Researchers, Reform of the Financial Foundation, Strengthening the Research Support System, and Program to Strengthen Advanced Research and the Work of Young Researchers.

Fundamental Plans to Strengthen Research Capabilities

  • Adhere to a policy of transparency and fairness, and strive to recruit excellent young personnel in Japan and overseas
  • Introduce a competitive environment in the schools, and strengthen the University's foundation of independent financial resources
  • Promote the development of a research strategy with a new research support system, and promote control of intellectual property

Develop research centers in line with a global strategy by integrating different research fields.